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The golf shop will be offering the Mill River plan in 2011 once again. The structure for the plan will be the same for golf clubs as 2010, 10% over wholesale plus shipping. All other products will be 20% over cost plus shipping for 2011.

Examples of the plan are as follows:
Cost Retail Mill
Shirt $24.50 $49.00 $29.90
Shorts $40.00 $80.00 $48.00

As you can see, Mill River members have about 40% off of their purchases for the year. Also if anyone wins credit in the golf shop, your winnings are worth more, for an example, if you win $100.00 credit, your credit is actually worth approximately $160.00 in merchandise. The bottom line on the Mill River plan is if you buy $375.00 of merchandise on the plan you have paid for your $150.00 fee.

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